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Renegade Gutta & GradeA 28208 (EP)


The Charlotte Hip Hop scene finds an emerging dynamic duo in Renegade Gutta & GradeA. With a mix of bouncy beats, and and clever street lyrics, GradeA provides the backdrop to Gutta’s experience honing their own signature sound. The 6 track EP acts as a representation of the West side of Charlotte where two grew up (zip code 28208 from which the title gets it’s name). Highlights like “DJANGO” and the albums intro track “28208” showcase GradeA’s production as well as Gutta’s ability to provide gritty yet catchy and quotable lyrics. Although the two have collaborated on tracks in the past ( Gutta’s “212” mixtape), 28208 is a statement to establish themselves as a formidable duo in Hip Hop.

  • Runtime: 21 minutes, 6 songs
  • Release Date: