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Love on Atwater.

Jay Squared

*SHUFFLE RECOMMENDED* this is the playlist that you can just vibe out to with all of the coolest finds. 🛥 side effects include : - calming nerves - raises inspiration levels - alleviating stress - warm feelings - possible singing in hairbrush or remote - shower singing - freely dancing - wanting to stare out of a window on a rainy day - slight increase on sadness but later feeling happy because this playlist is so good - increase in melatonin levels (good for sleep) - progressive humming - more enjoyable long car rides - less road rage - feeling beautiful - feeling of good energy at kickbacks and calm events - slight increase on inebriating substances - wanting to be near bodies of water (lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, bathtubs etc.) - possible feeling of what is known as “butterflies” - increase on hug/cuddle cravings if you do not experience anything other than these symptoms, then please contact your physician for assistance.

  • Runtime: 96 minutes, 30 tracks
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