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With this album I wanted you as the listener to really grasp my thoughts as an individual. As you may be aware I had the Moniker of (Aye)Logics. I really feel the name didn't embody what I was fully about and in a sense holding me to that box. I came from the era of Battle Rap and thats the name people came up for me in competitions from how I used to "break subjects down" like im talking to you. My random thoughts, knowledge of Fashion and Sneakers is who I am. Chris is who I am... iLL is an expression of the mindset im always in (Jordan-Esqe). "RAW" "Dope" "iLL" was used alot in the Vintage 90s era, an era from which I came, an era from which i'll show you. With that being said... Enjoy - Chris C. aka iLL Chris

  • Producer: iLL Chris x Stewart Villain
  • Runtime: 52 minutes, 15 songs
  • Release Date: