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Hotelroom Ooze



Hotelroom has always had a huge love and admiration for the A$AP Mob. Their influence throughout the past decade (2010’s) has been undeniable and left a lasting impact on the rap game. The A$AP Mob’s addition of Playboi Carti and Key! within the past 5 years has expanded upon the NY style and original essence of the Mob, which essentially opened doors and new lanes for fans all over the world. This record is a bubbling underground smash, which features A$AP ANT of the A$AP Mob. The track was produced by Hotelroom himself, as Hotel usually prefers to hone in on his particular sound and production. Hotel is raw and gritty, and provides an energy that is hard to match. Hotel’s voice stands out, it’s dark and can be haunting at times. And as always, A$AP ANT comes through with a stellar verse.

  • Producer: Hotelroom
  • Release Date: