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Hard Knock Life Podcast 019: Rapper Rebrands


Rebranding is a common marketing strategy in which an established brand creates a new, differentiated identity in the minds of consumers, investors, and competitors. This strategy is not uncommon within the rap industry, though less recognized, acknowledged or analyzed. Some rappers have found a new sound, audience, and career through rebranding. Others, not so much. Guests: Melton, IG: (DON'T FORGET TO #CANCELMELTON) Powered by Classic Material NY IG: Hosted & moderated by lion goodman TW:, IG: Co-hosted by THECAINMARKO TW:, IG: Executive produced by Mika TW:, IG: Visuals by Modern Marvel TW:, IG:

  • Producer: Mika & lion goodman
  • Release Date: