Hard Knock Life Podcast 006: Hip-Hop & Addiction


006: Hip-Hop & Addiction Is addiction an issue in Hip-Hop, or an issue in the larger music industry, or a n American issue? This episode is dedicated to Mac Miller, aka Malcolm James McCormick, 1992-2018. Powered by Classic Material NY TW: twitter.com/fresthetic, IG: instagram.com/classicmaterialny Hosted & moderated by Saul Goodman TW: twitter.com/lionofbedstuy, IG: instagram.com/lionofbedstuy Co-hosted by The Cain Marko TW: twitter.com/thecainmarko, IG: instagram.com/thecainmarko Executive produced by Mika TW: twitter.com/BSideAnthems, IG: instagram.com/bside.anthems Visuals by Modern Marvel TW: twitter.com/SimplyDop3, IG: instagram.com/marvin_h

  • Producer: Mika Sunga & Saul Goodman
  • Release Date: September 25, 2018