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Hello, White People Hello, Bussy Bloomberg


This episode we are joined by hilarious friends from a great Gayted Community, Dustin and Savoy. As Savoy bring big bussy energy and Julius's brings his aggression towards him we talk about how Orlando finds the fun in todays politics and Dustin avoiding a threesome with Mike Bloomberg. Todays Topic: White Person of the Month White Action of the Month Threesome Marry Kill FOLLOW US & GUEST: Dustin (Instagram & Twitter): LookatDustin Savoy (Instagram): EatPrayTh0t (Twitter): EatPrayThot Orlando (Instagram & Twitter): @Dearorlandoroye Julius (Instagram & Twitter): @funnyjulius SPONSOR: Chef Nakai (Instagram & Twitter): @Chefnakaico

  • Producer: Orlando Roye
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