Hassan Haze Higher (Nip Tribute)


Hassan Haze

Dedicated to Nip Hussle the Great! Share, Comment and Subscribe! Hussle the great/ we vibrate a different way You showed bangers the way to saving grace Met you 08 no games played/ young general with your Malcom X chain/ I hope your generation invest in block chain/ don't trust a pale face/ buy the block mane/ We was here before the train came/ the police hated you the cheif trying to save face/i don't know who to trust/ their statements vague/ our people suffer from the deuteronomy plague/ witness the hate from my broadway days/ gangbangin homocide started with where you from/ we call it hit'em up/ not recognizing if i killem i hurt those who lov'em/ domino effect/cause and neglect/ gotta love my brothers unify one set/ wipe mamas eyes salutations to we rise Why it take death to open our eyes Pray for the strong That they never be weak Pray for the God's That we always be meek Hold ya hands high Even we see defeat Let them tears fall Wet the concrete Mass exodus from this death sentence/ We payin' taxes and time in the penal system/ Race riots cause you dont like my pigment/ Scrapin' metal fragments on the cement/ im fighting wars but i wanna be decent/ this muthafucka r

  • Producer: DJ Khalid
  • Release Date: May 19, 2019