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Gravity Noir Planet Called Love


Gravity Noir

Chart-topping EDM band Gravity Noir delivers their most diverse project to date, with a mix of disco and 70's funk. As people age and stressful experiences mount, their psychological problems often increase, manifesting in different ways. Patrick Knight, still the creative brains and spirit behind Gravity Noir, experienced depression after losing his mum, dad, mother-in-law and several long time friends in just a couple of years. Struggling with heart problems, Patrick said, we struggle with the vision for our lives, for our dreams, for our hopes and for our projects, but found the courage needed to continue writing great music and songs. Gravity Noir releases this fantastic track with a funky 70's feel to it. Vocals by the one and only Patrick Knight.

  • Producer: Patrick J. A. Knight
  • Album: Future Days
  • Release Date: