Grass Routes Podcast Episode 118: Michael Jackson + 2pac = Chris Brown, Will Social Media Ban Bl


The Grass Routes Podcast team is back and this time they are joined by special guest Nyla Symone, DJ from New York’s Hip-Hop & R&B station Power 105.1. The team instantly jumped into Justin Bieber’s comparison equation saying Michael Jackson + 2Pac = Chris Brown and whether we agreed with it or not (01:58). And lastly Facebook’s recent ban on some extremist and what this means for creatives moving forward (28:36). Be sure to continue this conversation by leaving a comment below and on Twitter using @grassroutespod or #grassroutespodcast. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: Join our Free Fan Group Chat on GroupMe: Twitter Instagram Shot/Edited:

  • Release Date: May 7, 2019

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