Grand Khai Problems



Went from slinging in the trap Now we dreaming ‘bout plaques No more sellin’ work no that’s clip bro But that money come fast Niggas hit me for a pack I could make a couple hundred off a lick bro Need a shorty w some ass and titties Who gonna Mack not really be on my back when I do a show Look in my eyes you see I’m passionate This shit ain’t no accident I remember asking for shit so I gotta pay my brothers back when this shit hit money come in gotta pay all this shit owed Im in LA don’t wan’ come back when this shit hit but I can’t stay I got problems back home She like how you singing when you rap Probably why she on my jack Funny I don’t even know that bitch though Half a milly on a track Now they wanna get attached Ain’t it funny how they motive switch bro But now shit is l

  • Producer: Bugz Ronin
  • Release Date: