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Granata Alex In Wonderland


Alex In Wonderland was created in the form of a book on tape, by 22-year-old artist Granata. it was written to the sounds of era defying music. The project as a whole sounds like it came from a different period. It’s iconic, thought provoking, drama ending and genre blending. Each song is a chapter, accompanied by poetic anecdotes commentated by the voice of Erin Shields. Yes, Alex In Wonderland is a story but more importantly it’s a mood. A mood that can move your soul into places its never been before. Come take a dive into Alex In Wonderland and drown yourself in the downtempo. Alex In Wonderland includes guest vocals from Mennel Sullivan, Alexa Toro, and Bella Tora as well as production from Mr. Moods, Paw Cut, and more.

  • Runtime: 26 minutes, 7 songs
  • Release Date: