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Gingsen Playa



In PLAYA, Gingsen sings about his experience of falling in love with a girl he just met, but is faced with the challenge of trying to convince her to accept him because of what she has been through in her past relationships. Gingsen's dulcet voice and infectious melodies, coupled with co-producer Vel Beatz' production prowess, makes the upbeat afro-infused jam an irresistible earworm! The opening verse sees Gingsen paint a picture of a good time he has had and would want to happen again using melodies of the popular song 'Lets do it again by J Boog' in his own lyrics . He then proceeds to detail his ordeal when the girl makes it clear shes done and over with the Relationship lifestyle and is only out for her gains(Money), thus the song title: "Playa"

  • Producer: Gxngsen & Vel Beatz
  • Release Date: