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G-Terra Mad World

  • Album: ClockWork 3


NEW G-Terra - MAD WORLD Performed, Recorded, Song Production by GTerra/TeG4LyF Beat Production by NuffADaT Records 💯🔥 This song speaks on the world today.. is it not a mad world.. with so much going on all across the globe.. it couldn't be a more perfect time to drop this track.. so many crazy stories, crazy actions of crazy people.. total mayhem in many countries, famine in others.. if we all open our eyes & look around.. we will see that it's not all peace & safety.. but destruction & peril.. police brutality & injustice everywhere.. is this the highest state of organized crime.. maybe so.. deadly designer viruses??? DO U AGREE.. IT'S A MAD WORLD. Please Support the Song & Download.

  • Producer: G-Terra / NuffADat Records
  • Album: ClockWork 3
  • Release Date: