ThatBehavior & Arcando Burn (feat. RIELL)


ThatBehavior & Arcando - Burn (with RIELL) [FG 020] Out now on Future Generation, a division of TNC Music Ltd. 🎧 Listen Future Generation Favorites playlist on Spotify: Each with their own wildly popular releases on Future Generation, “Burn” sees the FG-veterans ThatBehavior, Arcando and Riell coming together as they explore a different kind of style that brings out the best from all of their musical directions. ‘Burn’ is all about the perfect mixture between the emotional and captivating breaks, and the energizing drops - you have a track which breaks make you go knees deep in the storytelling, guided by RIELL’s spectacular vocal work, and the future bass/trap influenced drops with stunning sound design and rhythmical elements!

  • Release Date: March 5, 2020