John NetworQ November 14TH


Freeme Music

It’s been 19yrs already and ur last words still echoes. “ Go school. Read ur books oh. I know say u stubborn but know say una no get anybody oh. Na only GOD. Doooh” So adopting ur first name John as mine is not enough. This song is for you Dad. I celebrate you on this day and though u may be gone for a minute, you’ll never be forgotten for eternity. And I want to dedicate this to all who ever lost a loved one. Bless #SonOfMeRLiN Lyrics John Networq I miss u Dad Verse 1 Do we have a reason to exist Other than living to persist until we kick on the bucket and we head for the exit? if you listening, come around and take a seat well if you don’t you must be dumb or maybe high probably sick You know they say the lonely die slow it doesn’t justify the reasons for your eyes closed looking the other way: of course its life though But we should try to make the difference let the smile (smile) flow And yes this very world could be a paradise beautiful people smiling faces like the fireflies (yeah) but here we stuck just like we’re paralyze what’s the reason what’s the purpose f*ck your alibi Take it slow from the bottom you will make it to the top I’ve got Syn’X on the beat it’s John Netw

  • Producer: SynX
  • Release Date: November 15, 2019