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JayPoppin Broken Heart Emoji

  • Feat. Eriq & Sydney

Freeme Music

A nostalgic vibe inspired by guitars, detuned synths, Heartbreaks, Trap sounds, nostalgic lyrics with a blend of R&B vocals & melodic Rap. Tracklist: 1. F*ck Love 2. MYDWY Feat. Eriq 3. Thinkin Bout You 4. Psychedelic Feat. Sydney Producers: Track 1. produced by Spykida Track 2. produced by PkillzTrack 3. produced by JayPoppinTrack 4 . produced by JayPoppin Writers: Track 1. written by JayPoppin Track 2. written by JayPoppin, Eriq Track 3. written by JayPoppin Track 4 .written by Jaypoppin, Sydney

  • Runtime: 8 minutes, 4 songs
  • Release Date:

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