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For All Nerds The Geeks Are Taking Over New York (Ft. Lance Fensterman of REEDPOP!)


For All Nerds

What's up internet! The FanBros show is back for another week of everything you never knew you needed. We invite the ringmaster of REEDPOP! (You know, the company that produces NEW YORK COMIC-CON!!) Lance Fensterman onto the spaceship to discuss what it's like to be at the top of the New York Comic-Con & New York Super Week empire. The team is also sending their formal apology to Trevor Noah, as well as answering your Geekquently Asked Questions! Set phasers to chill and press play, it's a new FanBros Show! Make sure you check out the Fanbros all next week at New York Super Week & New York Comic-Con. To check out our events, go to or

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