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For All Nerds Bruce Wayne Is A Bum Featuring Logan Browning


For All Nerds

We back with another instant classic! This episode we welcome Logan Browning, the star of Dear White People as well as the new Netflix hit film The Perfection! After our episode with Allison Williams we had to get her co-star to discuss The Perfection, Dear White People, and much more! Not only that, we speak about When They See Us, and how we have to be very careful about what kinds of entertainment and information we are taking in. Plus Comics I Copped, Geekquently Asked Questions and all of the greatness that you know and love from the ForAllNerds! TIME STAMP 0:00 to 22: 46 - Intro and Discussion of When They See Us and keeping positive energy in your life 23:34 to 1:11:58 - Logan Browning Interview! Spoilers for The Perfection!!! 1:12:00 to END - Geekquently Asked Questions, Comics I Copped, Thoughts On Dark Phoenix

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