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Black Atlass Haunted Paradise


Black Atlass is quite literally the only artist on earth to soundtrack Louis Vuiton and Yves Saint Laurent ads while featuring on Action Bronson songs. This diverse appeal is a testament to the captivating voice of Alex Fleming, the young singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and who created Black Atlass as a vehicle for his unique vocals, heart-on-sleeve lyrics and experimental production techniques. The song made its world premier this Saturday on Jaden Smith’s MSFTS FREQUENCY Beats1 show, awash in stark guitar riffs and dubby reverb. The moody beauty of “Haunted Paradise” sets the stage for a new creative phase of Black Atlass, and we can’t wait to hear what he’s working on next… download “Haunted Paradise” on iTunes or stream on Spotify now.

  • Album: Haunted Paradise
  • Release Date: