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Fiona Sleek Inside Out

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Fiona Sleek

INSIDE OUT is a song that explores what we all know too well: two people are attracted to each other, they have similar extremes, they are both more alike than they realize, but they are equally stuck in their own way and each person is waiting on the other to make a real move; to trust and to take the relationship to the next level. INSIDE OUT is a song that urges you to make that move, to tell that crush, that you’re into him or her. Time waits for no one and the fear of rejection is irrelevant. You would never really know if that other person feels the same way, unless you find out by speaking your heart and giving it your best. With that said, when we find ourselves next time, wishing and wondering, let’s be bold to go from INSIDE to OUT with our intentions!

  • Producer: Erick, SoundOfBoma & Namoworldwide
  • Album: BoYISH
  • Release Date: