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Fecent Ricco Afrocalm Vibes Vol.1

fecent Ricco

With this new EP, I prepared for it a long time, and I was happy with the songs and the production. I felt that I proved myself with the first album, and with this new EP, I just want to share some of my music. And that was always my feeling and my intention. I'm so proud of 'Afrocalm Vibes’ It's a really personal record, and I put so much of myself into it that, it feels like I am sharing part of my soul with the world by releasing it. I had a breakthrough, I think my life just became calmer, My priorities changed as I had a young daughter. I have absorbed my life now. I am ready for my music to unfold.

  • Producer: Dy Grillo, Ritzy Beat & Benjamz
  • Runtime: 14 minutes, 5 songs
  • Release Date:
  • ℗ Ricco’s Breed, distributed by Dvpper