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Andrew Barber I Found Kanye's College Dropout Bear Costume & It's For Sale... For $1M (wi


Fake Shore Drive

Andrew Barber (of Fake Shore Drive) sits down with Eric Arginsky -- the owner of Kanye West's College Dropout Bear costume (the iconic mascot for Kanye's first three albums.) This interview serves as a part two of my previous conversation with Sam Hansen, who created the College Dropout Bear logo and Kanye's first merchandise line. After my convo with Sam, I was connected with Eric, who told me the tale of the Bear costume and his scrapped stuffed animal line with Kanye. We talk about the stalled plush toy line, see samples of the bears, as well as where the Bear costume has been for almost 18 years. He also relays that the costume is now for sale, but it's going to cost you. A lot. Follow Andrew:

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