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Jenifa Breeze Spiritual Warfare


🇬🇭❣️💥 Ghana USA collaboration Ezekiel Elliot Sena Agbeme is a Ghainan reggae Dancehall Artiste who recently released an album by name Dancehall Emperor which is doing very well on all. Streaming platforms the album has been recognized by the international market after some media house in the international level aired songs on the Album International media jumping on his Album has really affect his craft positively and a clear example is the Ghana USA collaboration -Spiritual ft Jenifa Breeze 🇺🇸 Emperor Skysis is the showbiz of this young skilled reggae Dancehall Artiste kindly take a minute and listen to a small portion of his verse on the international collaboration.

  • Producer: JB Production
  • Album: Dancehall Emperor Album
  • Release Date: