El Speaker El Carretero


El Speaker

After Mandinga, here is my reinterpretation of one of the most popular cuban songs, "El Carretero", originally composed by Guillermo Portabales and made famous by Eliades Ochoa in the Buena Vista Social Club. Inspired by my trip to Cuba, the landscapes of Viñales and it's rural culture. I wanted to mix the traditional Congas and Bongos with heavy 808 bass and Moombahton Drums. No one better than my friend Carlos Napoles to sing this beautiful, popular hymn from his native country. Big shout out to Adele Sautereau for the wonderful artwork, once again she instantly captured the essence of the music, "porque el campo es el eden, mas lindo del mundo entero". Y ahora a gozaaaaar !!! Zapapayaaaaaa !!!

  • Release Date: January 16, 2020