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Certified Gage and Malachi Beats and Bars The Mixtape

Pounding heavy beats through the speakers with verbs & words that drizzle on like hot fudge over vanilla ice cream. That’s the ideal combination that you get from this dynamic duo, Beats and Barz! The delivery is long awaited, but is the hip hop community ready to receive @CertifiedGage, local Brooklynite and Bronx native @TheRealMalachi,? Representing with word play that defines them to the ranks of other “hot 2’s” renowned for blessing the mic with “hot 16’s”..... They’re new age talent, but reminiscent of Meth and Red, EPMD, Smif’ and Wesson to say the least… they’ve got those head nod hooks, constructed for a dance floor two step. The music isn’t only designed to be hardcore, you can dance to their tracks. Sometimes there’s a feel of Trap music.

  • Producer: Dj.Static and B.Hawk
  • Runtime: 52 minutes, 19 songs
  • Release Date: