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DribblenDimes Sonny Vaccaro: The Don Corleone of the Sports Marketing


On this episode of Dribble N' Dimes, hear renowned former marketing executive Sonny Vaccaro share with Manny Digital and Emilio the Poet stories from his exciting career. From signing Michael Jordan to his first shoe deal, to founding the ABCD Camp, where names like Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, and LeBron James played as young kids, Vaccaro is a wealth of basketball knowledge. Listen now and hear this Sole Man tell his tale. 🏀 11:50 - Sonny Vaccaro keeps his College scholarship to recruit basketball players  🏀 27:26 - Scouting for the ABA earned Sonny Vaccaro $3K per player  🏀 29:39 - Sonny Vaccaro did George Gervin's first pro contract on a napkin 😳  *****Be sure to subscribe, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Youtube.***** ***Also, check out our new website and tell a friend!*** Mix & Mastering courtesy of DJ Trends --- This episode is sponsore

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