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Drew the MC N.F.R.A.

Drew the MC

A vivid description of his active vices, 24 year old Drew enters 2020 and the world is dominated by the COVID19 pandemic. His lifestyle changed as everyone else’s, leading to him teasing the musical sound of the upcoming VAGABOND album earlier than anticipated, with a mixtape solely for the fans. NOT FOR RADIO ANYWAY, not conventional in any way, an original take on rap with dynamism and rhythm coinciding in one tightly packed package. Stuck in a time loop of monotony and redundancy, Dboy cries out in “Record”, talking about his anguish in his growth trajectory. “Pink Jersey” and “Step In The Room” elaborate on the artist’s dark side as he battles with indulgence. “100” and “Mangoma” finish off the project, showing off the young man’s ability to express intricately with bass pumping music.

  • Runtime: 19 minutes, 8 songs
  • Release Date: