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Dot Cromwell Vanity Tape

Dot Cromwell

Vanity Tape is the first installment of a series of mixtapes from Dot Cromwell. The "Vanity Tape" finds Dot flexing his lyrical acrobatics, experimenting with genre-bending production, and bookmarking his current mind state. True to form Dot continues to pull beautiful songs from challenging places. “I am calling the project Vanity Tape because it dives into the intermittent imposter syndrome that takes over me from time to time,” Cromwell says. “I’m currently so far away from where I started in life that at times I don’t even believe it, sometimes the success and growth doesn’t seem real, so the rewards don’t always feel warranted. So the Vanity Tape symbolizes me checking in with myself, taking a look into the mirror & realizing...I really am that guy!"

  • Runtime: 32 minutes, 11 songs
  • Release Date: