Dot Cromwell Full of Sin

Dot Cromwell

It was my last few months as a senior at Monsignor Bonner. Being impressed on me was ‘tabula rasa’, a theory stating that all individuals are born with a blank canvas to be filled through experience or perception. As a young artist, my burning question became: "What does my canvas consist of?" Apparently, a thousand bottles of Jameson, six failed relationships, and two near death experiences. I even almost lost my freedom to the system, yet I found myself, in an Afro-Victorian brownstone, staring at my canvas. No longer blank and undoubtedly “Full of Sin”. My first EP “Full of Sin” tells a story of confidence and redemption. Producers such as Fortune, BLVK, MVGK, and Dcember Moon lay the sound bed. I tapped on Philadelphia native Chill Moody and Brooklyn's KAS to share their experiences from two cities I've spent ample time in. Altogether this creative process cultivated part one of a story I intend to turn over to the world. Here’s to the first chapter "Full of Sin".

  • Runtime: 21 minutes, 6 songs
  • Release Date: July 19, 2019