Doobie Miles That Bomb

  • Feat. Prosice
"That Bomb" by Doobie Miles featuring Prosice (Produced by GANY Gambino and Mastered by Alex Palamar) was made for all yah trippy muhf*ckas!!! Whether you blazin w/ ya homies or coolin witcha shorty, this track is for YOU!!! Music for your ears right here!!! ENJOY, COMMENT, AND SHARE!!!! Special Thanks to: Prosice, GANY Gambino, Alex Palamar, the Inappropriate Mafia, the Highland Crew, and Nick Momz. Photo Credit: Yale "Yae" Dupree © Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved to Doobie Miles & The Inappropriate Mafia
  • Producer: GANY Gambino
  • Release Date: May 1, 2014