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Don Claude King of Kings P.O.T.P Vol. II

Don Claude

Zu Nation Media Group presents Don Claude, King of Kings P.O.T.P Vol. II, which is scheduled to drop March 24, 2015. This is the first major solo release by Don Claude. Don Claude, “The Pride of the Projects,” is the working definition of a “rapper’s rapper”. Seasoned, confident, and versatile, this lyrical over-achiever rhymes with such a level of quality that any “projects” would be proud to have him as their representative. A Texas native, born and raised in West Dallas, Don was destined to do music. If you are a Hip Hop music fan that enjoys a lyrical rapper and dope beats, preview Don Claude, King of Kings P.O.T.P Vol. II. You will be sure to want to cop it when it drops in March.

  • Producer: C.G., Tarentino & OG Taxx P. Hemlock and others.
  • Runtime: 4 minutes, 4 songs
  • Release Date: