EyePissGlitter x The Prblms #NoThemePink Collection Mixtape

  • Album: #NoThemePink Collection Mixtape

DJ Jazzy T

EYEPISSGLITTER Studio celebrates its latest collection with the release of the NoThemePink Collection Mixtape. Known for fusing the skills of furniture making & a huge of love Hip-Hop, designer Tatiana took creating up a notch by giving a full experience of her adventure during Coachella by providing a soundtrack. “Besides being able to see and get a feel from the pillows and pouches, I wanted everyone to hear what we were listening to while making our way out to the festival, says Tatiana.” To make it even more of an experience curator of all things cool & collaborator for the limited edition, Gucci In Paris series, artist The Prblm lends a hand musically as well. In order to provide the best sound for the ride, One Stop Mixtape Diva & Nashville’s own 101.1 The Beat DJ Jazzy T Delivers.

  • Producer: DJ Jazzy T
  • Album: #NoThemePink Collection Mixtape
  • Release Date: