Charlie Wilson & John Legend Soul Legends


Soul Legends is a mixtape that I made back in 2005 with my producer homie Ro-Data. We're both serious crate diggers and love soul music. So we decided to do Soul Legends. A mixtape that features both old and new soul music. The first half of the mixtape is by Ro-Data and hosted by Charlie Wilson. It features classic and rare old soul songs by some of the legends of the genre. The second half of the mixtape is by myself (DJ Chong Wizard) and hosted by John Legend. It features new soul music by some artists I felt were keepin' soul music alive. While this is more of a compilation than a real skill mixtape it is full of that good old soul music that you can just turn on vibe out to in the ride or in the bedroom with your lady. The cover artwork is done by Jordan C.
  • Producer: Ro-Data & DJ Chong Wizard
  • Release Date: February 23, 2015