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Various Artists You Can't Stream This On Spotify Vol. 1

DJ Rhude

There's no doubt that Spotify's a dope service but the streaming giant is not above having pot holes in it's digital lawn. Case in point, due to legal issues, most of De La Soul's entire catalog isn't available for streaming. The same thing applies to a a significant amount of "lost" B-sides, white label joints and remixes that accounted for a good chunk of the 90s soundtrack. Enter the new bi-weekly mixtape series, You Can't Stream This On Spotify. The series main focus will be on those forgotten vinyl treasures with some unreleased gems thrown in for good measure right from my vault - either in vinyl converted to mp3 320kbps or songs in CDQ quality. As you bump Vol. 1 just keep in mind that no horrible sounding youtube rips will be allowed on this series b. DJ Rhude

  • Producer: DJ Rhude
  • Runtime: 55 minutes, 15 songs
  • Release Date: