Just Hits A Collection Of Hits

The long awaited album from producer Just Hits is finally here. A COLLECTION OF HITS is a mixtape compilation album featuring some of the hottest music produced͵ recorded͵ mixed and mastered by Just Hits. No vocals or rapping are done by Just Hits as he is strictly a producer and mix engineer. He prefers to keep it behind the scenes. This project will give listeners a glimps into the production styles of Just Hits as he brings you a wide variety of sound. The artists featured on the album are currently working with or have worked with Just Hits. If you are a music fan and you are in search of LYRICISM͵ DOPE DELIVERY and HOT BEATS.... A Collection of Hits is the album for you! #Salute

  • Producer: Just Hits
  • Runtime: 77 minutes, 20 songs
  • Release Date: January 27, 2015