Various Artists #BlackLivesMatter The Mixtape: Volume 2

DJ Hoodwink

The idea that we have to explain why particular lives matter is why we must have many different voices and perspectives at the table to try to help make it plain and simple. At its simplest Black Lives Matter because we are human beings that offer strength, wisdom, beauty, vision, creativity, and intellect to this world that we are all trying build and maintain for our children and our children’s children. Along with this journey of building and maintaining, we continue to have serious threats to equity and justice, and Hip Hop has kept its finger on the pulse of these threats. Every corner of the planet uses Hip Hop to anchor discussions of social change, to create better conditions in communities that demand better. We must work toward better. How? Well, that is up to you. #HealingPower

  • Producer: DJ Hoodwink
  • Runtime: 32 minutes, 2 songs
  • Release Date: