Big Twins & Twiz the Beat Pro TNT

‘TNT’ is the raw, grimy, and honest new collaborative album from Infamous Mobb rapper Big Twins and Los Angeles producer Twiz The Beat Pro, who together form ‘TNT.’ The album features a noteworthy guest lineup, which includes Ras Kass, Gibby, Prodigy, Tri-State, Killer Ben, Godfather Pt. III (of Infamous Mobb), Evidence, Alchemist, Co$$, and LMNO. They’re all fitting complements to both elements of TNT: Twins’ no-bullsh*t, gruff raps and Twiz’s intricate sample flips and hard-hitting drums. Together, they’ve made one of the toughest albums of the year.‘TNT’ is now available for download through all digital retailers, and wherever music can be streamed, via Sound Unity Entertainment, an independent label based in Los Angeles and headed by DJ B.Original.
  • Producer: Twiz the Beat Pro
  • Release Date: April 1, 2016