Dex Kwasi A.$.S.: African $ex Symbol

Dex Kwasi

Also available on iTunes here >>> The highly anticipated album African Sex Symbol by Dex Kwasi formerly known as N-Dex. This is an album fused with 808's and African drums. The music compiles political messages,deep story telling,trap bangers,songs about love,heart break, the search for success and just feel good positive music that will surely bring Dex into the main stream as one of the greats among the hip hop realms. The references in pidgin are an ode to Dex Kwasi's motherland Ghana in West Africa and they are intended to bring the listener closer to home rather than the listener getting the same rap lyrics they have been accustomed to. Thank you for stumbling upon this and we pray you grow with us. Always a pleasure . God Bless.
  • Producer: N-Dex
  • Runtime: 73 minutes, 17 songs
  • Release Date: April 7, 2014