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Sckyman SIlent Mind



Hi, I wanna talk to you guys about two emerging musicians, which go by the names of “Deefive” and “Sckyman”and their new release SILENT MIND (The voices in my head said). These two artists are from Warri, Delta state, Nigeria (also called the south-south). About The Song – Silent Mind The song is a mixture of modern day hip-hop and bedroom pop. According to Sckyman, the inspiration for the song was he just being experimental, but the meaning behind the song is pretty defined. It talks about the fact that the voices in your head aren’t really you, and how it’s more like a mixed personality between bad and good. Not selfish, but not selfless, it depends on the occasion, time and day. “And for those of us who live in our head, we’ve heard these voices and understood they care, but they a

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