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David Nifty Gemini: Emotions & Logic Vol.1

David Nifty

Gemini: Emotions and Logic, can be said to be an odyssey into the feelings and thoughts of the artist (David Nifty), at any particular time of the artist’s existence. A Gemini is a twin, hence someone with two different personalities that exist in the same timeframe. Just as the zodiac suggest, in a world were its hard to differentiate between been led by your heart or your brain, this project tends to combine both critical thinking about the society in which the artist finds himself in, as well as the various emotions the same artist might be experiencing, giving a twin-like nature to the project. This project can also be said to be the foundation of the artist’s career in the music industry, a setting stone if you will or blueprint about the artist aura in general.

  • Runtime: 18 minutes, 6 songs
  • Release Date: