RMR Rascal (Dave Edwards Remix)


Dave Edwards

Soo if you told me a few months ago that a dude in a Saint Laurent bulletproof would be belting out the best country record of the year, I probably wouldn’t have believed ya, and yet here we are. RMR’s Rascal is a smash and unlike anything else out right now. As much as I love the original version, I wanted to give DJ’s something they can drop and the rest of you a feel-good anthem to bump all spring and summer. I hope y’all enjoy this tune as much as I do and please go stream RMR’s single!! Follow me on Socials: IG - instagram.com/daveedwards Twitter - twitter.com/itsdaveedwards FB - facebook.com/itsdaveedwards YT - youtube.com/itsdaveedwards Follow RMR on Socials: Twitter - https://twitter.com/whatrmr? IG - https://www.instagram.com/whatrmr

  • Producer: Dave Edwards
  • Release Date: