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Dan Onkar A Night Like This

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Dan Onkar

"A Night Like This" is a lover's experience through courtship, highlighting the longing for a person and the desire to want to stick it out with that person. I wanted to paint a full musical experience that didn't take you to different moods or locations but centred you in that specific spot. The EP Starts (If I Lie) and ends (Want It With You) the same way, Proclaiming a love for this person. and then the body of the projects is where all the fun happens like on “In The Morning” and “Spring Water. Throughout the EP the sounds I dance around try to paint a picture of what dating was like in 80s Nigeria. The project is influenced by 80s West African music (like highlife, Afrobeat and Disco) and RnB.

  • Runtime: 19 minutes, 6 songs
  • Release Date: