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Damond Young

A Gift 2 You highlights Damond Young’s versatile flow, which impatiently blazes through “Niggas in Paris” and intricately weaves into the guarded pop melody of Lorde’s “Royals.” Lyrically, Damond is at his best in his reflective moments, which are captured in the self-deprecating storytelling of “His Pain,” the spiritual anthem of “The Prayer,” and the masterfully rapped inspiration of Sampha’s “Too Much.” Throughout its entirety, Freestyle Sessions 2: A Gift 2 You reveals how natural Damond Young sounds next to his icons, especially when paired with their pop production. So while he makes himself comfortable in the sonic living arrangements of pop’s royalty, accept his Gift 2 You and allow him “to turn a fan into family.”

  • Runtime: 25 minutes, 8 songs
  • Release Date: