Correy C Digital Scale


Correy C has been building anticipation for his upcoming release titled “Digital Scale.” The 24 year old District Boyz artist from South Central Los Angeles carries a unique style of LA rap within his music. From his hit single “Foreign Girl” that took the internet by storm “Digital Scale” is sure to be just as compelling. Following up from Tha Committee Records latest release of Cozz's debut album “Effected,” the 7 track EP is produced solely by label members Meez & Louie Ji; while also containing co production from D2, Chef Mitchell, Deejay Wess, Darrius 1500, & DJ Swish, while mixed to perfection by Art. Containing no features & tracks such as “Hot Shit” & “Better Place” that have been released, it showcases the different types of energy that Correy is able to portray through his music

  • Producer: Meez & Louie Ji
  • Runtime: 21 minutes, 7 songs
  • Release Date:


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