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Connis Somebody

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Cambridge rapper Connis releases his soulful new album Somebody. Featuring appearances from FELIX! (of Van Buren Records), Latrell James, Radamiz and more, it’s a richly produced record that argues for Connis as one of the most important voices to emerge out of MA. Connis fills his songs with feelings of feeling stuck, seeking out loved ones and trying to find yourself. On Somebody, he continues to build these ideas with new sonic explorations, weaving in images of hospital visits, road trips, lost friends and true love. The song “Lost Touch,” produced by Versus Beats, marries vintage keys to Connis’ soft voice, as he pays tribute to the late friend Rizzo Rackz. “Guidelines” features a heartbreaking verse from Latrell James, who regrets not seeing his grandmother enough before COVID. The

  • Runtime: 39 minutes, 14 songs
  • Release Date: