Diabolic & Vanderslice See the Light

  • Feat. Nems
  • Album: Collusion

Diabolic & Vanderslice’s latest single, “See the Light,” is a f*ck-the-world anthem that perfectly exemplifies the duo’s soon-coming album, ‘Collusion,’ by potently dissecting and pushing aside the opposition. The Long Island native is more confident than ever here, and part of that comes from his ability to address and then look past the f*ckery he sees on a daily basis. Brooklyn rapper Nems, who guests on the second verse, shares that sentiment through a more hedonistic lens as he does everything he can to enjoy his own life and ruin those of his enemies. Of course, none of this would sound as good as it does without the production mastery of Vanderslice, whose haunting, strings-laced instrumental is the perfect musical accompaniment. “See the Light” is available now through all major DSPs, and can be purchased for instant grat off the iTunes pre-order for Collusion, which is due out next Friday, April 12 via Coalmine Records. The album is available now for pre-order through Bandcamp, Amazon, Google Play and more, and can be pre-saved through Spotify. Head over to the Bandcamp pre-order link for all official merchandise.

  • Producer: Vanderslice
  • Album: Collusion
  • Release Date: April 5, 2019