Jhony Allen West & Blaze Cloud Runners S2 Episode 1: We're Baaaaaack!


-Cold Cadence (ft. MXSTER, Kyo, and Kisai, The Spooniest Bard) https://soundcloud.com/prodbyn0body/cold-cadence -Soul Search by HazelT Ft. GenWorld (prod. Nillo) https://soundcloud.com/overpoweredmedia/soul-search-by-hazelt-ft -Elevate|Lunxch https://soundcloud.com/lunxchraps/elevate-1 -Average Day(tryna find a Urabe) https://soundcloud.com/thatophiri/average-day-tryna-find-an-urabe-prod-meltycanon -My Power ft Kick Flamez https://soundcloud.com/yvnglvffy/my-power-feat-kickflamez-prod-berukadoo -LVL - 01. Warp Star[Dweed Dweeds] https://soundcloud.com/fatherkari/lvl-01-warp-startdweed-dweeds -Bad Habits https://soundcloud.com/tpeck1322/bad-habits -Let it Go (NyteXing Exclusive) -Pussy (Friendly Advice) ft. D-Real [愛] [prod Mittensさん] https://soundcloud.com/ish1da/pussy more info to come

  • Producer: Various Artists
  • Release Date: January 22, 2018