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Owo Mi Loke Chris Don _ Owo Mi Loke

  • Feat. Saint David
  • Album: ELEVATION


"OWO MI LOKE(LIFTED HANDS)" is the perfect tune for this time, and it was specially composed for you and for this season... 2020 has been a year with many ups and downs...,a lot of hope dashed, a lot of disappointment due to the pandemic coupled with the hardship that has presented itself this 2020 but I bring to you a message of good tidings & I want you to know that God keeping you alive all through is a great miracle in itself and if you're out there reading this,I say congratulations to you...My desire is that you neglect all that has happened and just begin to see the faithfulness of God within and around you as you anticipate this song of Praise & Thanksgiving. When others are saying there's a casting down,my friend, before the year runs out..there will be a lifting up for you.

  • Producer: Dopesoundz
  • Album: ELEVATION
  • Release Date:


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