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Saint Evo, Shona SA & FLERIIN Nebo


Saint Evo, Shona SA and FLERIIN team up to bring you a never been heard before fusion of African elements, electronic influences laced with Russian lyrics titled, Nebo. Nebo meaning Sky in Russian, tells us of a story of spiritual ascension from the depths of darkness to great heights of heavenly bliss and cosmic enlightenment. CREDITS Music Production by Saint Evo & Shona SA Vocals Performed by FLERIIN Composed by Stephen Njeru, Tichaona Cleopas Ponde & Tamara Flerinskaia Mastered by Saint Evo, Celsius Degree Studios, Kenya Publishing: Celsius Degree Entertainment Limited & Stentfire Publishing

  • Producer: Saint Evo & Shona SA
  • Album: Nebo
  • Release Date: